The industrial painting sector is undoubtedly a complex market, full of nuances and with still ample margins for growth which, like many other industrial sectors, is affected by technological innovations.

The succession of changes and transformations is therefore a constant that companies must take into account in order to develop effective strategies to achieve their objectives.

A versatile and highly qualified approach is certainly the winning choice to achieve prestigious goals.

From this approach and from the many years of experience in the field of the DOLLMAR GROUP, DN CHEMICALS was born, a company specialized in solutions for surface pretreatment, industrial water treatment and paint stripping.


DN CHEMICALS is a dynamic and constantly evolving company that makes product quality, technical assistance and R&D its competitive advantage.

The new operating structure with the laboratories dedicated to research and development, is also able to provide complete solutions for all the production cycles.

This plurality of products is enriched by a greater territorial coverage guaranteed by the cooperation between the sales forces and by the synergies in production, development and technical assistance that have already been created.

DN CHEMICALS offers an important synergistic value that allows greater specialization and specific identification.

Active collaboration for a future of growth: during the expansion phases that led to the birth of this new reality, what emerged was the exchange of experiences that today allows DN CHEMICALS to represent a strong company, dynamic and functional, with a wide range of products, suitable for many areas and able to meet the most diverse needs.