Code Description
DeNCLEAN 901 Multipurpose alkaline degreaser
DeNCLEAN 905 Two-phase degreaser for pressure washers
DeNCLEAN 915 Heavily alkaline multi-purpose heavy-duty degreaser strongly attacks light alloys
DeNCLEAN 920 MT Concentrated degreaser for car washing with automatic systems
DeNCLEAN 921 MT Multi-purpose alkaline degreaser for manual use or with high pressure lance
DeNCLEAN 925 MT Alkaline degreaser for ferrous material for high pressure lance applications
DeNCLEAN 926 MT Industrial floor washer degumming action
DeNCLEAN 930 DW Dewatering oil base
DeNCLEAN 945 DW Dewatering oil base
DeNCLEAN 946 DW Organic cleaner
DeNCLEAN 950 MT Water-dilutable high-boiling solvent for cleaning water-based paint spray guns
DeNCLEAN 952 MT Multimetal degreaser for mop applications
DeNCLEAN 953 MT Degreaser for all metals
DeNCLEAN 960 EC Multi-purpose degreaser for all metals
DeNCLEAN 962 DW Protective dewatering
DeNCLEAN 963 MT Industrial floor washer
DeNCLEAN 964 Organic degreaser – isoparaffins
DeNCLEAN 965 S Solvent-based peelable paint
DeNCLEAN 966 WT Water-based peelable paint